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  Project Year: 2016
  Completion Year: 2016
  Client: Van İpekyol
  Land Area: 8.000 m²
  Construction Area: 15.000 m²
  Number of Residence Complex: 1


     + Architectural Concept Design Project

Van İpekyol City Hall is a competition project completed in 2016. The architectural concept project has been drawn in the project designed as a municipal service building.

Considering the environmental data, the main design decision is the public use of the ground floor and the attached spaces. On the ground floor, 80% of the land is designed for public functions. The main pedestrian axes are considered as the backbone of the project so that the project area can be a natural public square without interrupting the approach from the North and South directions. Building indoor and outdoor spaces on this backbone has been the main approach. The vibrant and intensive use of the area is ensured by the mixed-use amphi design with different functions. The project includes main functions such as event area, cinema, library, assembly hall and forum.

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