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  Project Year: 2012
  Completion Year: 2012
  Client: Hatay Municipality
  Land Area: 45.000 m²
  Construction Area: 25.000 m²


     + Architectural Concept Design Project

Hatay Municipality Building is a competition project completed in 2012. The architectural concept project has been drawn in the project designed as a municipal service building. It was designed as a building with a construction area of 25.000 m² on a 45.000 m² land area.


The social and cultural areas created on the land are enriched with different spatial focuses, and it is aimed that people experience different places on the land. The main elements of this design are defined as Squares, Activity Area and Promenade. Kent Street was defined as administrative offices and a conference hall, and free seating was created for people with steps.

The City Square, designed as a meeting point, has added spatial richness to the city with its food and beverage function, temporary exhibition area and the existing tree texture. The activity area and square are designed for different organizations, exhibitions, festivals and daily use.

The urban cover is designed to provide the shadow area needed in the open area. The cover is designed as a steel construction and is designed to meet the required shading with the membrane cover element between the steel construction.

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