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  Project Year: 2020
  Completion Year: 2020
  Client: Makro İnşaat
  Land Area: 25.000 m²
  Construction Area: 10.000 m²
  Number of Residence Complex: 1
  Various Building Types: 1



   + Interior Architectural Concept Design Project

   + Interior Architectural Construction Project

   + System Projects & Details

   + Interdisciplinary Coordinations

   + Tender Documentations

   + Technical Specifications

   + Quantity Schedule Projects

   + BIM

HERDEM Social Center is a social center project, on a land area of 25.000 m² in Silivri, with a construction area of 10.000 m².


It is located in a wellness village in Istanbul. It includes cafe, restaurant, cinema -conference hall and sports areas such as thermal pool and fitness center, serving in a single building block with a program that fits the healthy life village theme. An accessible, healthy, lively, supportive for social life and comfortable interior has been created.


Interior architecture concept and construction projects were prepared with the BIM system integrated in the project development process. The system projects and point details of the whole design, as well as furniture manufacturing drawings have been developed by ensuring with the interdisciplinery coordinations. In addition to the construction project, tender documentations and quantity scheduled projects support were provided. The entire design process has been completed by conducting multidisciplinary project coordination.

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