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  Project Year: 2016
  Completion Year: 2016
  Client: İhlas Yapı
  Land Area: 50.000 m²
  Construction Area: 260.000 m²
  Number of Residence Complex: 11
  Various Building Types: 3

  Number of Residences: 650 Rezidences


     + Architectural Construction Project
     + Architectural Planning Application Project
     + System Projects & Details
     + Interdisciplinary Coordinations
     + Tender Documentations
     + Technical Specifications
     + Quantity Schedule Projects

Güzelce Houses is a project with residential and commercial functions on a land area of 50.000 m² and a construction area of 260.000 m².

It consists of 11 residential blocks located in 3 different types of residence blocks. There are 650 residences in total. By designing residential blocks and commercial units together, it is aimed to offer a new destination for users that will support social life. During the project development process, architectural construction project and the system projects and details were developed by ensuring interdisciplinary coordinations. In addition to the construction project, technical specification requirements were provided, and support for tender documentation and quantity scheduled projects were provided.

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