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  Project Year: 2020
  Completion Year: 2021
  Client: N/A
  Construction Area: 1.000 m²
  Number of Residence Complex: 1
  Various Building Type: 1
  Number of Residences: 5 Rezidences


     + Point Cloud Modelling

     + Survey Modelling

     + Planning Application

     + Construction Drawings & Documentations

     (Stage 4)

     + M & E Coordination

     + BIM

Bolsover Street is a commercial project with a construction area of 1,000 m² and completed in 2021.


The project development process was completed with the integrated BIM system. The architectural concept project, point cloud modeling, survey modeling and construction drawings & documentations (Stage 4) were developed by interdisciplinary project coordination (M & E Coordination). In addition to the construction project, planning application was provided.

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