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  Project Year: 2019
  Completion Year: 2019
  Client: British Housing Awards


     + Architectural Concept Design Project

The competition development addresses modern day living and is elastic in approach and interchangeable, which allows for choices. The house type is based on a standardized house chassis that gives various layout options, which can be changed over time. The building structure is future proofed as it is adaptable in addressing variable household mixes. The external building’s visual appearance is dependent on the external color of materials selected from the palette, allowing each house to have its own distinctive character within the architectural house style. The flat layouts are also based on a standard chassis. The footprint structure module spans the width of the property for 7 meters unsupported, which allows for flexible individual flat layouts over three - storeys for this block. These flats are also future proofed for future adaptations.
The houses are laid out back-to-back, facing the street either side, with the blocks of flats acting as bookends for this rectangular site.
The green garden spaces within the development are accessed via the various pedestrian routes that cross the site in various directions, which are adequately lit at night, providing lighting for security. These garden spaces are gated with fob access control after hours for residential access.

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